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Dental insurance payers face complex business challenges every day — challenges that comprehensive, industry-spanning data and analytics insights can help solve. As a result, payer organizations can become more successful while improving outcomes and transparency for their plan members. Our data-driven insights provide a solution for:

Big Data and Big Dental Insights Powered by DentaBase®

DentaBase is the largest and most comprehensive dental database in the U.S., containing claims data on nearly every dentist in the country. Because it contains data from multiple payers updated on a monthly basis, DentaBase gives our customers access to industry-wide insights they’d never get from their data alone. These big data insights power every solution and have the potential to transform business decisions, discover optimization opportunities and create new pathways to growth.


65+ Payers contributing monthly data updates1,000,0000 Procedures added to DentaBase® per dayAt least 1 claim in the last 60 days from 93% of the active dentists in the U.S.

Find out how to measure dental quality, contain costs, enhance efficiency, increase transparency and improve outcomes today.


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